Leasing Services

Our Mission

We are on a mission to redesign the leasing landscape across the property management industry. We’ve established an innovative leasing model of a trained sales force that provides high quality, laser focused leasing results.

Once your building is under contract with Gramercy Group, our team of leasing agents become your one-stop-shop for all incoming leads. We’re devoted to producing top quality results and value, ensuring that calls are answered immediately to maximize lead opportunities.

From hello to move-in, our agents provide detailed attention and service to every incoming resident—with a seamless transition to on-site staff.

Our Laser Focus
  • Weekly leasing reports for management teams to stay fully informed.
  • Effective communication on market rents, concessions, and competitive analysis.
  • Administrative responsibility for application submissions, security deposit collections, and signed leases.
  • Lead tracking metrics provided to help steer budget spend and marketing platforms.
Q + A

We are struggling to find top-notch leasing agents for our building, if we hire Gramercy for our leasing, will your agents work on-site?

Yes. Depending on your buildings’ staffing needs, we offer rover leasing agents that will cover multi-site portfolios, or devoted onsite staff for existing Class A buildings, or new construction lease-up projects.

Are the Gramercy agents trained professionals?

Yes. All Gramercy leasing agents are licensed real estate agents and are required to go through continuing education with the state of Minnesota.

Do the leads know that you are a third-party leasing service?

No. 98% of our past clients don’t realize that we are a third-party service. Our goal is to make your building and company shine.

Do your agents crossover between leasing and brokerage sales?

No. Our leasing team is laser focused on producing leasing results. Gramercy has a buying and selling division but there is very limited crossover between departments to ensure top-notch performance.